Mr. Robeato

Completed: 9/?/2016; Posted: 11/19/2017

Mr. Robeato is an award-winning music education application for iOS. It improves the sight-reading ability of the user by generating sight-reading challenges appropriate for the user’s skill level. The user taps the rhythmic exercises on the screen, and the app will learn the user’s strengths and weaknesses based on their performance. Mr. Robeato was developed in Xcode.

spark photo
Braeden Ayres and Trevor Lovell. Photo Credit: Briana Harris.

In late 2015, the University of Northern Colorado School of Music announced a competition called the Spark Initiative, which called for innovative music business ideas from students and would fund the best one. This inspired Braeden Ayres, a graduate vocal conducting student, to make his idea for a rhythm application a reality. Braeden and I partnered up to make Mr. Robeato, with him being responsible for business/design and me being responsible for programming/design. In 2016, Mr. Robeato won the UNC School of Music Spark Initiative.┬áIt would later get picked up by UNC’s Idea Development and Enterprise Enhancement program. Unfortunately, the app never reached the App Store due to funding problems.