I am a game designer, programmer and musician.

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Photo Credit: Briana Harris


I’ve never met a child that wasn’t an artist. I was no exception to this rule. I split open the pages of my pop-up books to learn how to make them myself; I glued my drawings to cardboard and cut them up into jigsaw puzzles; I played piano in the same sense that I played in sandboxes, so long as my parents weren’t home.

In a way, my childhood never ended. I would go on to take up new instruments, make board games, go to honor bands, use level editors, etc. By the end of highschool, I had 3 main instruments (percussion, piano and voice), and I would end up taking both percussion and voice to the Colorado all-state level. I was also interested in game design, especially after I realized the potential of the medium while playing Jonathan Blow’s Braid.

I decided to go to school for music, with hopes to become a composer. I didn’t realize until after I auditioned on piano for CU boulder that I actually wanted to study percussion instead. After more auditions, I ended up attending the University of Northern Colorado with a major in percussion performance. Although my major has changed since then, the school hasn’t. I plan to graduate either this spring or the following fall with a double degree in music and applied mathematical sciences (computer science emphasis).

During my collegiate years, I’ve developed a music education app, two mini-games (Birch and Work N Progress), and more projects, including some that are still in the works. As a game designer, I specialize in puzzle design and experimental design. In 2016, the music education app, Mr. Robeato, won UNC’s spark innovation award. Also in 2016, the experimental game Work N Progress became a finalist for the UNC arts innovation award. Today, I spend my days working as a student and musician, and my nights working as a game designer and programmer.